International Cassette Store Day

World Cassette Store Day

Saturday 17th October, draw the curtains, get the kids out the house, dig out your old cassette tapes and get comfy as today marks the 3rd International Cassette Store Day!

International Cassette Store Day celebrates the wonder that was cassette tapes, whilst at the same time is trying to reintroduce them back into your life as a mainstream format by getting new and older albums re-released on tapes.

In the two previous years there have been re-releases from bands and artists such as The Flaming Lips, Haim, The Gaslight Anthem and Julian Casablancas to name just a few.

This year’s list for the UK releases have been announced and it includes the likes of the Kaiser Chief’s and The Maccabees, whereas in North America Greenday are re-releasing their classic album Dookie on tape.

You can find the full list of events & re-releases for different countries at the official website here.

Having been hit with a serious case of nostalgia, we here at CT Creative have decided to help celebrate this wonderful day by remembering what the first cassette tape that we owned.


*** WARNING – there may or may not include an over-enthusiastic pink and yellow creature in this list. ***


Queen - Greatest HitsJonathan: Queen – Greatest Hits

As the youngest member of CT Creative, Jonathan only owned one cassette tape so it was easy for him to remember! Not a bad one to kick things off though. This Greatest Hits album was released back in 1992 and has since been re-released on CD and as a digital album.

The Cult

Paul: The Cult  – She Sells Sanctuary

Paul’s first cassette tape was this fantastic single by The Cult, released in 1985 and is from the album “Love”.

Right Said Fred

Maria: Right Said Fred – I’m Too Sexy

This is where things start to turn a bit dodgy I’m afraid! Maria’s first cassette tape was Right Said Fred’s debut single “I’m Too Sexy”, released in 1991. Surprisingly it stayed at number 2 in the charts for all of 6 weeks!

Top One

Justyna: Top One – Disco No2

Having grew up in Poland, Justyna’s first tape that she owned was the Polish Disco Pop group Top One. Justyna described this album in 3 words as “Awesome and Embarrassing”.

Mr Blobby

Andrew: Mr Blobby – Mr Blobby

I’d like to thank my brother for giving me this as a Christmas present, and it’s because of him (and several thousand others) that this single actually got to number 1….not once, but TWICE! Long before Simon Cowell had his monopoly on Christmas number one, 1993’s Christmas number one belonged to this wonderful song.


We’d love to know what your first every cassette tape was that you owned! So leave us a comment below or tweet us @CTCreative_.

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