The Value of A Business Blog

The Value of a Business Blog

You’ve probably heard that if you haven’t started blogging on your business website you’re missing out and should start doing so immediately. But why? Is there real value in it?
Read on and these four reasons may just convince you to put a little bit of TLC into your blog page.

1) Blog Posts Drive Traffic to your website.

There’s no denying it. New interesting blog posts drive traffic to your website. Once you have written your blog you need to start sharing it to your social media where it will be shared by your followers.

By uploading regularly, you make your website active, therefore, better in the search engine’s eyes. If you share your post on social media, you also get extra exposure to your potential customers for free and additional traffic.

2) Your blog can help you to convert these visits into leads.

It also acts as a sort of filter for quality leads because it extracts value customers who are already interested in the particular issue.

Include Calls To Actions with free offers, webinars, ebooks and other types of downloads in exchange for people’s data and you will grow your contacts list.

The Value Of The Business Blog

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3) A blog can be a tool to tell people more about your services and establish your authority.

By answering common questions, you educate people, and you bring value to them but at the same time build their trust in your brand. It means that when they are ready to turn into customers, they know where to look for what they need.

4) Don’t underestimate the long-term results of the blog.

Some quality posts get initial visits and then start ranking in the search results. They often begin to bring even more traffic weeks or months after being published, so they bring quality traffic long-term. The more posts like that, the better, so try to think about quality not just publishing for the sake of publishing.

Writing blog posts regularly helps you and your staff members to keep up to date with the industry. There’s a clue to how to go about your blog if you haven’t got enough time to write enough in the previous sentence. Get others involved. That can keep things vibrant and build your team.

Valuable, up-to-date blog also gives you an insight into your audience. Once you get things going, you’ll be able to track the performance in analytics and improve even further.

Do you blog? Are you considering it after reading our post? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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