Is your site mobile friendly? Countdown to the new Google algorithm release


On the 21st of April Google is releasing their mobile friendly ranking algorithm.  Everyone in the industry has been talking about it but what does it actually mean for your website?

It will take some time to work globally, Google estimates it as a few days to a week.

Websites will be classed as ‘mobile friendly’ or ‘not’, there will be nothing in between, no degrees, just simply ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

The factors determining ranking are complex and they include things such as font sizes, button’s/tap target’s sizes and spaces in between them, viewpoint and content, general user experience. There are over 200 so it’s not just a matter of being able to see your website on a mobile device.

The easiest way to check whether your website is mobile friendly is to go to: Google Mobile Friendly Tool . Here you will get a fail or pass and a brief explanation.

You can also find your website on Google search list and check if at the beginning of the description snippet there is a ‘Mobile-friendly’ statement. If not it means that Google doesn’t recognise your website as mobile friendly.

Websites that are not mobile friendly will be penalised and their ranking will drop, so it’s really important to get ready for the change.

It’ll have a big impact on small and medium businesses, especially if their competitors are mobile ready. It’ll not affect desktop rankings  but mobile search results will no longer benefit from high desktop ratings as far as we know. Also this change will affect pages not the whole domains so if some of your pages are not mobile friendly, it shouldn’t  be detrimental to the whole site.

There’s still time to get ready for it so don’t panic.

If you wish to discuss further the implications of the forthcoming changes or you’re concerned about the issue and how it’ll affect you, give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help.