Graphic Design

A strong brand identity is important for the success of a business. A logo should be reflective of your business, yet be versatile so it can be applied across a range of mediums; such as your website, print based items and promotional goods. We have experience in creating successful branding and marketing that extends past a simple logo design.

Although we are seeing growth in the digital scene, traditional means of advertising is as important as ever, and can often be a great supplement to online platforms.

Often a physical item such as a business card or a brochure can say what a website does, but in a condensed and portable fashion that gives off a professional impression to your client. The ability to show off your versatility and range of marketing materials presents positive connotations.


Logo Design

A logo defines your company's identity, and as such it is important that you represent yourself in a professional manor. A logo often sets the initial impression of your business, so its importance is unstated. CT Creative offers logo design services to help start your business identity.


Business Cards

Business cards are a practical way to present a lasting impression to your clients. With all your vital information on call, business cards are a great way to generate more business by giving them out where appropriate. We know what makes a great business card, and offer our services to you.


Brochure Design

Print based items are a great addition to your company's marketing portfolio. A brochure is a great way to showcase your company in a physical form and as an addition to your online marketing strategy. We work with you on creating brochures for any occasion.


Branding Concepts

Brand identity is an essential part of your marketing strategy. You need a strong, memorable brand to attract potential customers to the services you offer. Your branding is your front-facing presentation that determines what impression people make of your business. You need to look professional, and most importantly you need to look better than your competitors. We can help you realise your potential.


4 Page Folder

As well as being specialists in the digital designing scene, we have great designers ready to create print based materials for your business. We work with you on realising the potential of your business, and aim to create clean, current designs that leave a long lasting impression.



Advertising through mail is still has a strong importance in marketing strategies today. A physical object can articulate the same information as your website, in a short and snappy, first-glace way. We can deal with a variety of mailer types, whatever your criteria.


Illustrated Graphics

Illustration is a great addition to any of your promotional designs, be it website sliders, physical mailers or branding identity. An illustration can often look more effective than a photograph and portrays a different impression to your audience. Tell us what you need and we will give a helping hand.


Homepage Design

CT Creative have years of experience in web, and understand the trends that are setting today's design. We offer homepage prototypes tailor created to your company to maximise the potential of your online presence. We will work with you in understanding your company goals and areas of importance, and reflect these in your site design. Check out our portfolio to see our range of impressive designs.