Have You Seen The Scariest Websites On The Internet?

As you probably know Halloween is coming up with all the craziness that accompanies it. People dress up in scary outfits, kids go trick-or-treating, shop windows & TV adverts are full of pumpkins, spiders, and skulls. It is quite ‘scary’, but you know what else is scary?  How many badly designed websites still exist on the internet! We’ve listed some of our favourite bad web design examples. Have a look…if you dare! Hopefully, you’ll be able to sleep tonight. The may have some cool products but who is going to find them in that mess!

Bad Ecomerce Website

Really bad or genius? Really bad. I mean really? Clearly James Bond deserves more than this

James Bond Museum

I think this will make Bond fans cringe This is the Spa… that I don’t want to go to.


Spa of some sort His parents even have a photo of him drawing in kindergarden!

Roberto Moreno

Roberto Moreno ‘game art portfolio’ It really is a shame that the website hasn’t been updated because it looks like they’ve got a lot to show.


Interdisciplinary design studio in New York’s website Everybody talks about Penny Juice. For all the bad reasons.

Penny Juice

‘Who is Penny Juice?’ Spectrum started nearly 17 years ago. This is when their website was designed and hasn’t changed ever since.


Spectrum and their horrible user experience This honestly looks like from a horror movie

Ugly Tub

Have you got an ugly tub? It could be featured in a horror film or reglazed This is potentially a website about Feng Shui but I’m not entirely sure.

Supposed Feng Shui website

Supposed Feng Shui website  This is Yousef Amircani’s website. I don’t know what is it about and what’s its purpose but there is a form on the home page. If you dare to fill it please let us know what happened!

Yousef's website

Yousef’s website I hope you haven’t got floating meat phobia but if you do don’t click on the link above. A bit of a bizarre idea as for a meat supplier don’t you think? They’ve got a good catch phrase though!

Meat supplier coventry

They will MEAT all your requirements The best for the last. This is a lighthearted, humorous project with few entertaining games, which reminds us about all the best web design trends from the 90′s. Enjoy!

The Most Amazing Website On The Internet

It is themostamazingwebsiteontheinternet


Have you seen any scary or embarrassing stuff on the internet or not only? Share with us in the comments!

Happy Halloween


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