The New iPhone. Are you web-ready?

Yesterday was a day anticipated by all tech fans. It was also a day to be noticed by the masses, and those looking to upgrade their handset  as we come towards the end of our contracts. It comes yearly, and it gets talked about extensively. It must have been this years Apple Conference.

Apple’s announcement focused primarily on their new phones and wearable.  As with the usual spec increases, thinner and updated chassis design and additional functions and features made possible from new consumer tech, there was one thing that particularly shaped up differently. There were two models announced this year. But whilst last year saw both the announcement of the 5s and the 5c (was this considered a flop?), this year see’s the iPhone 6 come in both 4.7” and 5.5” flavours.

For the majority, 4.7” will suffice, trading a little comfort of one handed use, for larger screen real estate. The 5.5” ‘phablet’ version is slightly more for the bespoke, showing Apple has identified there is a market for those who have jumped on the Galaxy Note and other phones that continue to blur the line between phone and tablet. Both phones come with a new easy reach mode, double tapping the home button to push the top of the screen closer to your fingers. A nice little touch.

So what does this mean for web design? If your website is functionally responsive, not too much. The beauty of responsive web design is the diversity of how it reacts to any  screen size, on any internet connected device. You are already prepared!

If your website isn’t responsive, should you consider the upgrade? Most definitely. Mobile use on the web has skyrocketed in the past few years, and continues to climb, especially with announcements like the new iPhone. With mobile viewing being a staple of modern life now, you will benefit from increased traffic by those who can function and use your site on a smaller screen.

So what does the future hold for the apple smartwatch? Only time will tell. Maybe we’ll start to see smaller, app like sites or even extensions to your website that prepares bites of information to be displayed and presented on smartwatch searches. Wearable’s might be the next step in a connected world, but for all future advancements in tech, stick with CT.