Expensive Domain Names

The Most Expensive Website Domain Ever Sold

Did you know that it was back in March 1985 that the first internet domain name was registered? Symbolics.com was the first domain name ever registered, and it’s still live today! Since then, millions of domain names have been registered, some more popular than others, such as Google.co.uk, Facebook.com and Youtube.com.

Domain names are essentially internet addresses. A unique set of letters and numbers that serve as an address for anyone wanting to visit/browse a website, and anyone has the ability to register a domain name.

Below is a list of the most expensive domain names ever sold:


  1. Insurance.com (£24 million in 2010)
  2. VacationRentals.com (£23.7 million in 2007)
  3. PrivateJet.com (£20.5 million n 2012)
  4. Internet.com (£12.2 million in 2009)
  5. 360.com (£11.6 million in 2015)
  6. Insure.com (£10.9 million in 2009)
  7. Sex.com (£8.8 million in 2014)
  8. Hotels.com (£7.5 million in 2001)
  9. Fund.com (£9.99 million in 2008)
  10. Porn.com (£6.4 million in 2007)


If you wish to register your own domain name, you can do so by visiting a range of websites, we recommend 123 Reg or 1and1.