How to Increase Enquiries from your website

So you’ve got your brand new, sparkling website that’s mobile friendly, Search Engine Optimised and you are about to hire new members of staff because you can’t cope on your own with the amount of the enquiries that you’re getting. Doesn’t sound like you? Let’s go through a short list of things that every business owner needs to remember in order to increase the number of enquiries that they’re getting from their website and then the vision from above may get closer to the reality.

1.Have you got a recently designed website?

The web design industry is a very fast paced environment. Not only do trends change often but also best practices in development. Because of that you need your web developers to keep on top of things otherwise you may get penalised by search engines and find yourself really far from the first page of Google’s results. We know more and more about how people browse the web so equally it gets more challenging to design a great-functioning website that converts visits into sales, is pleasing to the eye and works across different platforms. Is your website mobile friendly? Did you know that according to Google in 10 countries mobile search now exceeds desktop search? That means that if your website was designed before the mobile trend kicked in, it’s likely you are already falling behind your competitors as your potential customers are probably leaving your website due to difficulties using it on mobile devices. The key to the online success is to achieve a balance between a well designed website and quality traffic.

2.Is your website optimised properly?

The days when it was enough to put a few keywords into the code are long gone and forgotten. Google updates its algorithms frequently to increase the level of relevance of the websites and quality of user experience. This means that websites designed by your techy mate or a daughter-of-a-friend-of-the-cousin (don’t get me wrong I’ve got nothing against them) may not be performing well simply because it takes months to learn how to optimise a website and often a whole team of people with experience. SEO along with having a mobile friendly website may be the most important element for all the websites nowadays. Read more about SEO and how to optimised your website here.

3.Is your content relevant and planned strategically?

It all has to work together. Internal linking, landing pages for different marketing campaigns and Calls To Action need to create a flowing stream that is easy to navigate through and engaging. The audience is well informed these days and they can easily distinguish good web design from an off the shelve template. People want more personal experiences and things that are targeted at them, created especially for them. They also want to read things that are of some value to them so it’s a good idea to always make your social media posts, blogs and email campaigns interesting, relevant and coherent with your audience in mind.

4.Your website is like another member of your team.

I like this comparison a lot. It’s good to think about your website this way. There is a certain amount of work that needs to be spent on your website before it will bring you all the benefits (you can call it training) and often some amount of money (which you can call a wage). A website needs regular maintenance whether it’s updating blog posts or social media campaigns running alongside your website. You can also boost it’s performance by some paid tools like Facebook Ads, Pay Per Click, Email Marketing, etc. Like with everything in life, the more you put in the more you will get out of it. We are not talking here about quantity but quality and relevance. In one sentence for good conversion rates (including increasing your enquiries) you need a well designed, responsive website with good content, a relevant SEO strategy and other marketing endeavours to support it. Show it to the right audience and the magic will happen. infographic

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