Google & Mobile Friendly Websites

Mobile friendly websites have been gaining popularity since 2012, and increasing rapidly in 2013, which Mashable called the year of mobile friendly web design. The idea was originally to improve conversion-rates for those searching on mobile and tablet devices. However, the list of reasons for having a mobile friendly website has been getting longer and longer.

What is a mobile friendly website?

For those who are unsure of what mobile friendly or responsive websites are. Having a responsive website allows the layout to adjust depending on the screen size of the device it is being viewed on.

For instance, when viewing a website on a mobile device. Each element of the website will alter the size and even other characteristics so it is easily viewable on smaller devices. This improves the user-experience as those viewing non-responsive websites will find themselves constantly having to zoom in and scroll around each page to read text or view images, decreasing the chance of visitors staying on your website and calling you.

Google Favors Mobile Friendly Websites

Although the points discussed above are still highly relevant, it is now apparent that now Google are pushing the importance of mobile friendly websites. If your website does not rank on Google, or any other search engines, it will result in no new business being gained through online activity. It is predicted that in 2016 a quarter of all sales will be made online.

Websites that are built by CT Creative and Creare are connected to a personal Google run platform called “Google Webmaster Tools”. It has been known that if your website has sustained penalty points, or in extreme cases been hacked, Google would send a message to the owner via Google Webmaster Tools. However, after a week ago, Google have started to send out messages to websites it detects that are not mobile friendly.

So not only is having a mobile friendly website important for conversion rates, it is now getting heavily favoured by Google which has now resulted in Google ranking mobile friendly websites higher than non-mobile friendly websites. In fact, mobile friendly designs are becoming so important now that even emails are being built responsively.

How To See if your Website is Responsive

If you would like to run a quick online check to see if your website is responsive, click here, or alternatively if you would like to find out more about mobile friendly websites please call our team on 01455 698 033.