CT Inspirations

CT Web Design Inspirations February 2016

Welcome back! These are our choices for February. If you’ve seen anything that has inspired you, share it with us in comments.

Justyna – Web Design Team:

‘This is the new way to travel and AirBnB brings it to you in a visually pleasing and intuitive way. You don’t have to spend time on looking for all the functionalities that you’d expect from this type of website instead you can spend it on looking through beautiful photographs and great site structure. Great user experience with no unnecessary distraction wins my vote this month.’ Visit Website

Air BnB

A great alternative to standard hotel trips and how nicely executed from the website point of wiev

Maria – Director:

‘Due to an outstanding design, fun, engagement that it creates and functionally, site I have chosen this month is Property Crowd’ Visit Website

Property Crowd

Memorable design and original idea

Jonathan – Web Design Team:

‘The key reason I handpicked this website as my inspiration this month is because of how contemporary it looks and feels. The full-width slider creates a striking impact and instantly sets the site apart from most business websites advertising their plumbing services. It also seems to take a much more relaxed approach in keeping their visitors engaged, by adding sections like the “Gimme Some Facts About Plumbing” on the homepage.’ Visit Website


This website speaks high end

Andrew – Web Design Team:

‘This website caught my eye this month because it takes you on a journey and keeps the user interested right until the very bottom of the page. It tells the story of the product it’s selling in such a creative way, and that’s why I’ve chosen it for this month.’ Visit Website


Fun and interactive way to explain your business idea

Paul – Director:

‘Easy Web Recruitment is my choice for this month. I like how bold it is and how the use of strong colours makes it vibrant and current.’ Visit Website

Vibrancy and boldness are two strong points of this site