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CT Web Design Inspirations – October

Here’s what grabbed us this month in the web design world- our web design inspiration sites.

Justyna – Web Design Team:

‘I like the fact that the ‘motto’ on the front page is a bit daring and overall feel of the website. It is nice and modern, clean without any unnecesary noise, very easy to navigate through too- so all the good things that you could expect from a brand architecht and management firm. ‘ Visit Website


Simple portfolio pages are still very effective

Maria – Director:

‘I Think the company name is really good and I love the products. I do like the pictures on the site, but feel that they could improve the navigation!!! ‘ Visit Website


Less is not always more

Jonathan – Web Design Team:

‘I really admire how this website takes a very modern approach in providing a compelling interface for visitors to learn about their product and services. It is a very engaging design and the superb functionality helps entice visitors into viewing more content on the website.’ Visit Website


Some seriously impressive stuff

Andrew – Web Design Team:

‘Came across this website whilst looking for inspiration, and this website certainly did not fail to inspire me! Even though you have to wait through a loading screen, it’s definitely worth it for how good the css in this site is. Love the parallax scrolling as you go down the page, however it is a bit slow to react to scrolling your mouse. The design however, is fantastic. ‘ Visit Website

Le Mugs

This is how every restaurant’s website should look like!

Paul – Director:

‘This month my vote goes to the great content!’ Visit Website

Social Media Examiner

Sometimes really good content is enough