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CT Web Design Inspirations August

Here’s what grabbed us this month in the web design world.

Justyna – Web Design Team:

‘I really like this website from Canadian based agency Locomotive. Not only does it tackle an important topic of STI’s but what a great way to deliver a campaign like that too! Concept is very simple- just have a look at what other girls carry in their bags and you can learn about how to stay safe. Nice design, interesting concept, good information what’s not to like about this website? ‘ Visit Website

Website Inspirations

What a way to tackle the campaign about STI’s

Jonathan – Web Design Team:

‘This is the website that stood out to me this month. I really like the bold colours used and how each colour blends together to create a stunning colour scheme. I also think the layout is very clean and simplistic, and effectively uses the full width of the browser to provide a streamline experience.’ Visit Website

Website Inspirations

Clean, simplistic layout and bold coulours give very modern feel

Paul – Director:

‘Colourful crisp concise and directly engaging to each sector of their target audience.’ Visit Website

Website Design Inspiration

Crisp, concise and directly engaging