How we continually adapt our leading SEO services to help improve our clients’ online marketing campaigns

When businesses pay for SEO (Search Engine Optimising) it can be a daunting feeling not knowing exactly how well your website is performing, as well as not understanding the reports being explained to them. This is something that CT Creative have recognised and taken full advantage of to help improve how clients receive statistics for their website’s performance. This in return simplifies information for clients about their website allowing the client to fully understand just how much value SEO is bringing into their business.

The goal of SEO is to boost the number of visit’s to your site by building marketing strategies. This allows any business in any industry to thrive in the highly competitive online market. At the same time, opting in for CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) has a considerable effect on how successful your website is by constantly looking at SEO reports and altering the website’s appearance, content and functionality.

Not having SEO can have a devastating effect on your website as you will have little chance in the highly competitive and ever-changing online market.

As this new online report system is entirely automated, it allows more time your SEO consultant to work on improving your website’s performance instead of spending a great deal of time on creating reports which the client would struggle to understand. However, the best improvement from this online report is for clients that now gain precise information on their online digital marketing campaign allowing them to clearly see the benefits.

The different areas of SEO:

  • LOCAL SEO – If you’re wanting to stand out and make an impact in a specific area, then local SEO will boost the amount of visitors coming onto your site from searches based in the local area.
  • NATIONAL SEO – If you’re wanting your website to reach the entire UK, then national SEO is the campaign for you. It will provide you with a service that allows anyone searching in the UK to find you.
  • ECOMMERCE SEO – No matter what you are selling, ecommerce SEO makes sure that your website is not only getting visitors, but making you money. We will inspect the current online market/industry to make sure we are confident that the campaign being put in place will be right for your business.