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9 Stupidly Common Sense but often IGNORED tips for Business Blog Posts

Blogs are one of those ‘must do’ business marketing activities, right? But did you know you could be losing customers because of your blog?

Keeping your business blog up-to-date is an integral part of any business website. It helps establish and develop a relationship between you and your customers by informing readers of recent updates to your service, company, offers and industry. But if you’re not careful, your blog might be hindering your business rather than promoting it like it was originally intended to do. However, to help assist with the success of your business blog, we have created 9 powerful tips to help transform your business blog.

1) Keep It Relevant!

Never forget the key objective for all blog posts is to attract and engage new and existing readers. Writing blogs often becomes the routine of the ‘need to produce’ rather than the ‘purpose’ of what should be written, over time the true marketing goal sometimes get overlooked and forgotten when publishing articles. You need to always step back to make sure you are writing articles readers are actually going to want to read. If you’re a bit stumped on ideas, tutorials are a very popular format that can attract readers and also build authority in your industry for your business.

2) Get To Know Your Readers

Whether you’re a mechanic or lawyer, you should already be aware of how your customers speak. This is likely to be how your readers speak as well! Whether it’s certain words your customers use or questions you’re often asked, you can use your past experiences to enhance your article and attract readers by using your audience’s language.

3) Tell Stories & Utilise Real World Examples

Writing an article for your website that readers relate to can be very effective. It helps engage audiences and helps make your business more approachable. Take advantage of your past experiences and previous customer journeys as these are likely to be the exact customers you’re looking for!

4) Are Your Readers Hooked?

Did you know you can convince readers to stay on your website after reading your article? If you provide links to other articles/pages on your website, you may find readers continue to browse your website. For example, if a plumber in Northampton has written an article on common boiler problems, they can add a link directing their readers to their Northampton boiler servicing page.

5) Keep It Pretty!

Make sure to add various images in your article to keep your readers interested. Your article shouldn’t be all text based. Remember when you were a child (or even as an adult), it was much more fun and interesting to read a book that included pictures and drawings!

Business Blog Help

6) Keywords Are Powerful

Another powerful tip is to include popular words and phrases that potential readers are searching for in Search Engines. This is similar to Tip 2 as it will help keep your article relevant and increase the likelihood of your articles appearing in front of users in Search Engines, such as Google. You can also use area names, such as your local town, to attract readers local to that area. But don’t go crazy! Only mention keywords a couple of times otherwise it could be considered spammy and repetitious.

7) Share, Share, Share!

After you have published an article on your website, take advantage of the popularity of social media by sharing the link via social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This promotional method is a very effective way of spreading your article to readers.

8) Quality! Not Quantity

How often should I write an article? As in many cases, quality is usually more important than quantity. If you can only publish a single article a month, but this is a very well written and purposeful article, then this is absolutely brilliant! It’s important not to rush publishing multiple articles each week for the sake of publishing articles. They would most likely not be of any interest or use to anyone, and wouldn’t be beneficial to your business either. Overall, the more “quality” articles the merrier (just as long as they are quality articles!).

9) Comments Do The Trick!

By implementing a comment section into your blog you can instantly improve the interaction for your readers and provide a great tool for them to engage in discussion with you and other like-minded readers.

Did you find these tips useful? Do you have any helpful tips of your own? Share your thoughts below or send us a message via our online contact form. (did you notice we used both tip 4 and 9 in this one sentence?)


Rushden Primary Academy

CT Creative Help Rushden Primary Academy

The team at CT Creative are always happy to lend a helping hand with various community projects and local businesses. We have recently provided assistance for Rushden Primary Academy by designing a complimentary promotional poster for their Summer Fete happening in July. The team wish Rushden Academy all the best with their Summer Fete!

For details on their Summer Fete, simply visit the Rushden Primary Academy website or view our poster provided below.


Digital Marketing

Don’t Let Digital Marketing Apathy Destroy Your Business!

You may have recently come across the devastating news of both Austin Reid and BHS going into administration. This has taken many people by surprise and impulsively alarmed many of just how difficult running a successful business can be in today’s ever changing world where consumer behaviour continues to change at ever greater rates.

Although both Austin Reid and BHS are highly established and very well known historic brands, the astute commentators know one of the key reasons cited as a contributing factor is their failure to keep pace with their competition in the ever more influential digital world.

No business today, however successful, can ignore the old adage; “it’s not the big that eats the small, it’s that FAST that eats the SLOW!”.

Creating An Online Presence

So building and maintaining an online presence for new and existing businesses is an absolute requirement these days. Whether you’re a family run local pumping business in Northampton relying on regular customers or developed a chain of shops in the UK, if you do not keep on top and ahead in the online world, you are almost certainly looking over the cliff to oblivion in the future. It’s just a matter of time!

So investing in a modern website is essential, but keeping on top of your website is even more important. Technology and design is constantly evolving, as should your website too!

This backed by real world data.  At the end of 2015, 46% of the world’s massive 7.395 billion population used the internet, 31% used social media and 27% were mobile social media users.

The rapid pace of change can further be seen in the 12 months to the end of 2015 where internet and social media users rose 10% each, mobile users rose 4% and mobile social media users rose a massive 17% with over half of all internet searches now made on a mobile device. No business whatever its size or how successful they have been locally, nationally or internationally can ignore the numbers and fail to keep ahead with their website and digital strategy.


Is Your Website In Need of Being Updated?

Critically do you even know the age of your current website? If your answer is 3 years or older (and no updates have been completed even in the last 6 months) then your website is likely outdated and losing (not gaining!) customers. Do you even actively promote your website on the major search engines or engage with old and potential new clients on social media? Just step back and consider that your website should be one of the sharpest and most used tools in your current marketing tool box. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive, but it should be absolutely fit for purpose being the correct size and shape to engage your new customers. Think of your website as the spanner used with the minimum of force and effect to tighten the nut who is your ideal new client! Remember, we are all but one click away from your competitor!

Hence all successful businesses should not just be satisfied with their website, but also looking to utilise it for gaining an advantage over competitors. It is essential to keep the content, look, usability and freshness in line with what your target audience are looking for. If no investment plan has been put in place to maintain your website, then no matter how newly built or sophisticated your website is, it will quickly get left behind.

As highlighted previously a key example showing the need of maintaining a business website is the meteoric rise in mobile and tablet traffic. The rise in users browsing the internet via mobile and tablet devices has grown immensely over the last couple of years (and is still increasing!). However, most website owners are not actually aware their website was not built or designed for these devices. They actually provide a very challenging environment for users on tablet and mobile devices (would a car designed for road-use be suitable for off-road without any modifications?).  However, if a maintenance plan had been in place for your website, you would likely have taken advantage of a Mobile Friendly Upgrade that updated your website for tablet and mobile devices. To bring back the toolbox metaphor, if your site is still not mobile friendly you are still using an imperial spanner on a modern metric nut. Yes with a bit of effort for a period of time the nut may still turn, but eventually you will probably shear off the head!

If the recent news of Austin Reid and BHS going into administration is not enough to help convince you about the importance of maintaining an online presence, another major brand which has been in troubled water in recent years is Morrisons. Why? Well they simply failed to recognise the value of online. Blink and their competitors had jumped ahead by predicting shoppers’ changing behaviours with online ordering and home deliveries. It is very easy to get left behind but even harder to catch up! Just look at dynamic online business such as ASOS who’ve created an excellent growing dynamic business from scratch in such a short space of time by creating a brand nearly exclusively through online marketing. Businesses like Morrisions are called “convenience stores.” This is such a powerful statement none of us can ignore. None of us can ever become complacent about the need to make it “convenient” for all our potential customers to do business with us. So for our success tomorrow a great, fresh, appealing online presence is therefore a must to all business owners today that cannot be ignored.

Can We Help?

If you believe your website and online presence is falling behind, or would like to discuss a new website and digital strategy or even a possible mobile friendly upgrade, please give us a call via 01455 698 033 or send us a message via our online contact form.

Successful Websites

Increase Google Reviews

Increase Your Google Reviews With This Simple Tool

Thankfully, Google have taken off the Google+ shackles and have allowed users to login with ANY type of Google account (e.g. gmail or youtube etc) to leave reviews.

You may have found that trying to get reviews on your Google business page has proved very difficult in the past. You would think that it would be a simple process, but Google tried forcing users to create a Google+ account in order to leave reviews. Something which has frustrated a lot of people who don’t have and don’t want a Google+ account, but would like to leave a review for the company they feel have done a fantastic job.

When you have a customer that goes out of their way to try and leave you some great feedback, you want it to be a smooth and easy process. Thankfully, Google have taken off the Google+ shackles and have allowed users to login with ANY type of Google account (e.g. gmail or youtube etc) to leave reviews.

So that’s the first hurdle out of the way.

The next thing your customer will need to do is to find where they actually leave the review. Although it’s obvious to some, a lot of people still struggle to know where to go, or can’t find that “Leave a review” button.

So you may find yourself asking…

Is there an easier way to get people to leave a review on Google?

The answer: YES!

Thanks to the “Google Review Link Generator” you can now send a direct link to your customers that will take them straight to the relevant section on your business page. I recently came across this game changing tool and it cuts out a lot of the work for the customer, meaning that getting feedback will become a more frequent occurrence for you.

How Do I Use This Tool?

It’s very easy, just follow these 3 very simple steps:

  1. Enter your company name and location into the relevant boxes and click “Get Google Review Links”.
    Google Review Link Generator
  2. When it’s done searching for your company, click to confirm that it’s the correct one.
    Confirm that's the right company
  3.  Voila! The links are generated for you. Then copy the link for “Open In Search Results” and email it to your customer. All they have to do is click on the link and leave a review.
    Copy the link and send to your customers

That’s it!

Let us know how you get on with the tool in the comments below.


Business Website

Do you know how much a business website REALLY costs?

Could you lend me £1,000,000?

A successful website can cost THOUSANDS (sometimes Millions), but how much would it take to build a successful website for YOU?

There are many instances of exceedingly expensive websites that have included highly bespoke elements designed and developed exactly to the clients needs and requirements. I have provide a couple of shocking examples below of just how much some companies are prepared to pay.

  • £12 MILLION contract to redesign the This was granted to Smartronix.
  • £105 MILLION over a 3 year period for
  • £440 MILLION for

Click here to read our article on the most outrageously expensive website domains ever purchased.

But I can’t spare ANOTHER £1,000,000 for a website!!

If reading this article has made you believe a website of your own is considerably too expensive and completely out of the question, let’s put your mind at rest.

As seen from the examples above, in some very rare occasions websites can cost a substantial amount of money. But you may have noticed they are very far from being your average local business! In fact, whether you set an exceptionally high or low budget, it all comes down to what you want and how successful you would like it to become.


Template Deign

What options are available for a SUCCESSFUL website?

Your website budget plays an immense difference in the quality, effectiveness and success in a website. But how do you decide between the drastic differences in prices from different services and web designers?

There’s a wide range of web specialists out there ready to build you a successful website. But one very cost effective, and highly risky, alternative is choosing a template website. Although tempting and less costly, you may find there’s a significant reason why. They are specifically designed and built for ALL BUSINESSES wanting a new website. But why is this such a poor alternative for my business?

  • Are all businesses the same?
  • Do all businesses have the same target customers?
  • Do all businesses have a website for the same reason?
  • Do all businesses even use the same logo and branding?
  • Do all businesses have the same Unique Selling Points and Calls to Action?

How effective would the same website design template, that many other different businesses and industries already use, really be? Templates use generic designs that can be a very quick and easy route for getting a temporary website (as having a website for your business is vital), but as a long term approach for your business, these are not commonly an effective or successful solution.

We recently worked with a business that previously implemented a template website. They later decided to invest in a website that would appeal to their target customers with a bespoke design tailored to their Unique Selling Points. They found this was much more relevant to their business and later had regrets about first investing in a template website.

Are all businesses the same? Do all businesses have the same target customers? Do all businesses have a website for the same reason? Do all businesses even use the same logo and branding? So how effective would the same website design template, that many other different businesses and industries already use, really be?

So… is a successful website AFFORDABLE?

A successful website tailored to your unique business can be surprisingly affordable for most businesses. Whether you’re a brand new company or fully established, you have to ask yourself “How successful do I want my website to be?”. If you want to successfully compete against your competitors you should highly consider a bespoke website designed and built with your needs and target customers in mind. As opposed to a very generic template website that could struggle to promote your unique business areas and attract your target customers.

We take a very individual approach to understanding your business and your customers when providing tailored quotes. We would love to work with you and listen to your requirements, target audiences and what you’re looking to get out of your website.

If you would like to find out how much a website which is tailored to your businesses needs and requirements could be, please speak to one of our helpful and friendly web specialists via 01455 698 033 or send us a message via our online contact form.

The Value of A Business Blog

The Value of a Business Blog

You’ve probably heard that if you haven’t started blogging on your business website you’re missing out and should start doing so immediately. But why? Is there real value in it?
Read on and these four reasons may just convince you to put a little bit of TLC into your blog page.

1) Blog Posts Drive Traffic to your website.

There’s no denying it. New interesting blog posts drive traffic to your website. Once you have written your blog you need to start sharing it to your social media where it will be shared by your followers.

By uploading regularly, you make your website active, therefore, better in the search engine’s eyes. If you share your post on social media, you also get extra exposure to your potential customers for free and additional traffic.

2) Your blog can help you to convert these visits into leads.

It also acts as a sort of filter for quality leads because it extracts value customers who are already interested in the particular issue.

Include Calls To Actions with free offers, webinars, ebooks and other types of downloads in exchange for people’s data and you will grow your contacts list.

The Value Of The Business Blog

Click to view the infographic

3) A blog can be a tool to tell people more about your services and establish your authority.

By answering common questions, you educate people, and you bring value to them but at the same time build their trust in your brand. It means that when they are ready to turn into customers, they know where to look for what they need.

4) Don’t underestimate the long-term results of the blog.

Some quality posts get initial visits and then start ranking in the search results. They often begin to bring even more traffic weeks or months after being published, so they bring quality traffic long-term. The more posts like that, the better, so try to think about quality not just publishing for the sake of publishing.

Writing blog posts regularly helps you and your staff members to keep up to date with the industry. There’s a clue to how to go about your blog if you haven’t got enough time to write enough in the previous sentence. Get others involved. That can keep things vibrant and build your team.

Valuable, up-to-date blog also gives you an insight into your audience. Once you get things going, you’ll be able to track the performance in analytics and improve even further.

Do you blog? Are you considering it after reading our post? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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CT Inspirations

CT Web Design Inspirations February 2016

Welcome back! These are our choices for February. If you’ve seen anything that has inspired you, share it with us in comments.

Justyna – Web Design Team:

‘This is the new way to travel and AirBnB brings it to you in a visually pleasing and intuitive way. You don’t have to spend time on looking for all the functionalities that you’d expect from this type of website instead you can spend it on looking through beautiful photographs and great site structure. Great user experience with no unnecessary distraction wins my vote this month.’ Visit Website

Air BnB

A great alternative to standard hotel trips and how nicely executed from the website point of wiev

Maria – Director:

‘Due to an outstanding design, fun, engagement that it creates and functionally, site I have chosen this month is Property Crowd’ Visit Website

Property Crowd

Memorable design and original idea

Jonathan – Web Design Team:

‘The key reason I handpicked this website as my inspiration this month is because of how contemporary it looks and feels. The full-width slider creates a striking impact and instantly sets the site apart from most business websites advertising their plumbing services. It also seems to take a much more relaxed approach in keeping their visitors engaged, by adding sections like the “Gimme Some Facts About Plumbing” on the homepage.’ Visit Website


This website speaks high end

Andrew – Web Design Team:

‘This website caught my eye this month because it takes you on a journey and keeps the user interested right until the very bottom of the page. It tells the story of the product it’s selling in such a creative way, and that’s why I’ve chosen it for this month.’ Visit Website


Fun and interactive way to explain your business idea

Paul – Director:

‘Easy Web Recruitment is my choice for this month. I like how bold it is and how the use of strong colours makes it vibrant and current.’ Visit Website

Vibrancy and boldness are two strong points of this site

Lutterworth Santa Fun Run

Lutterworth Santa Fun Run 2015

CT Creative would like to wish everyone participating in the 2015 Lutterworth Santa Fun Run good luck! The Lutterworth Santa Fun Run has been organised for many years by the two Rotary Clubs of Lutterworth, The Lutterworth Rotary Club and the Rotary Club of Lutterworth Wycliffe. It has been running for 6 years has raised £79,000 for charity.

You can find further information about the Santa Fun Run on the Santa Fun Run website.

Black Friday

Black Friday

We all like a good sale don’t we? There are some well-established sales events such as Boxing day sales but what about the quite recent phenomenon of Black Friday?

The Genesis Of The Name

It originates from the United States, and although the term was appearing in different contexts since the nineteenth century, the new sale-related use started in the 1960′s. More recently police in New York and Philadelphia used the term to describe traffic disturbances during the day after the Thanksgiving. An alternative theory suggests it comes from a retail term that describes a point at which retailers begin to make a profit that is called ‘being in black’.

The Success Of The Event

One thing is for sure; Black Friday is one of the most successful sales events of the year.
The event itself is considered quite controversial because of the way it has been carried out by many retailers. That doesn’t stop the fever from spreading all over the world. Today countries that participate in the event include Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Romania, France, even India, and the list is steadily growing.
We believe that a good sale can attract a lot of business and push products into a public eye.


We would suggest that companies wishing to participate in Black Friday should prepare well in advance to avoid any mishaps or even the possible dangers of Black Friday.

If you’re expecting a lot of customers in your shop or showroom, make sure you’ve got enough staff on duty, and that health and safety are your top priorities.
If you’re an online retailer, make sure your website is ready for the traffic and that your system can process everything efficiently to provide a positive shopping experience for your customers. Think about a large number of people shopping on their mobile devices and the way your website accommodates for it.

Happy Black Friday!

Lutterworth Christmas Lights Switch On

Christmas Lights Switch On In Lutterworth

This year the annual Christmas Light Switch On in Lutterworth will take place on the 27th of November between 6pm and 8pm.  You’ll be able to indulge in all well known festive fun but for the first time the event will be accompanied by the Christmas Market. The Market will take place in the old Co-op / Wood Burner Workshop car park on George Street from 3.00pm – 8.00pm. The Light Switch on promises great festive classics such as Santa’s Grotto, hog roast, mulled wine, Frozen’s Olaf appearance and on-stage entertainment as well as a firework display at 7.30pm. To make sure everyone is able to enjoy the event in a safe fashion there will be some road closures and diversions. A426 in Lutterworth will be closed from 5.00pm to 9.00pm to through traffic. For more information visit Lutterworth’s Council website.


Have You Seen The Scariest Websites On The Internet?

As you probably know Halloween is coming up with all the craziness that accompanies it. People dress up in scary outfits, kids go trick-or-treating, shop windows & TV adverts are full of pumpkins, spiders, and skulls. It is quite ‘scary’, but you know what else is scary?  How many badly designed websites still exist on the internet! We’ve listed some of our favourite bad web design examples. Have a look…if you dare! Hopefully, you’ll be able to sleep tonight. The may have some cool products but who is going to find them in that mess!

Bad Ecomerce Website

Really bad or genius? Really bad. I mean really? Clearly James Bond deserves more than this

James Bond Museum

I think this will make Bond fans cringe This is the Spa… that I don’t want to go to.


Spa of some sort His parents even have a photo of him drawing in kindergarden!

Roberto Moreno

Roberto Moreno ‘game art portfolio’ It really is a shame that the website hasn’t been updated because it looks like they’ve got a lot to show.


Interdisciplinary design studio in New York’s website Everybody talks about Penny Juice. For all the bad reasons.

Penny Juice

‘Who is Penny Juice?’ Spectrum started nearly 17 years ago. This is when their website was designed and hasn’t changed ever since.


Spectrum and their horrible user experience This honestly looks like from a horror movie

Ugly Tub

Have you got an ugly tub? It could be featured in a horror film or reglazed This is potentially a website about Feng Shui but I’m not entirely sure.

Supposed Feng Shui website

Supposed Feng Shui website  This is Yousef Amircani’s website. I don’t know what is it about and what’s its purpose but there is a form on the home page. If you dare to fill it please let us know what happened!

Yousef's website

Yousef’s website I hope you haven’t got floating meat phobia but if you do don’t click on the link above. A bit of a bizarre idea as for a meat supplier don’t you think? They’ve got a good catch phrase though!

Meat supplier coventry

They will MEAT all your requirements The best for the last. This is a lighthearted, humorous project with few entertaining games, which reminds us about all the best web design trends from the 90′s. Enjoy!

The Most Amazing Website On The Internet

It is themostamazingwebsiteontheinternet


Have you seen any scary or embarrassing stuff on the internet or not only? Share with us in the comments!

Happy Halloween


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International Cassette Store Day

World Cassette Store Day

Saturday 17th October, draw the curtains, get the kids out the house, dig out your old cassette tapes and get comfy as today marks the 3rd International Cassette Store Day!

International Cassette Store Day celebrates the wonder that was cassette tapes, whilst at the same time is trying to reintroduce them back into your life as a mainstream format by getting new and older albums re-released on tapes.

In the two previous years there have been re-releases from bands and artists such as The Flaming Lips, Haim, The Gaslight Anthem and Julian Casablancas to name just a few.

This year’s list for the UK releases have been announced and it includes the likes of the Kaiser Chief’s and The Maccabees, whereas in North America Greenday are re-releasing their classic album Dookie on tape.

You can find the full list of events & re-releases for different countries at the official website here.

Having been hit with a serious case of nostalgia, we here at CT Creative have decided to help celebrate this wonderful day by remembering what the first cassette tape that we owned.


*** WARNING – there may or may not include an over-enthusiastic pink and yellow creature in this list. ***


Queen - Greatest HitsJonathan: Queen – Greatest Hits

As the youngest member of CT Creative, Jonathan only owned one cassette tape so it was easy for him to remember! Not a bad one to kick things off though. This Greatest Hits album was released back in 1992 and has since been re-released on CD and as a digital album.

The Cult

Paul: The Cult  – She Sells Sanctuary

Paul’s first cassette tape was this fantastic single by The Cult, released in 1985 and is from the album “Love”.

Right Said Fred

Maria: Right Said Fred – I’m Too Sexy

This is where things start to turn a bit dodgy I’m afraid! Maria’s first cassette tape was Right Said Fred’s debut single “I’m Too Sexy”, released in 1991. Surprisingly it stayed at number 2 in the charts for all of 6 weeks!

Top One

Justyna: Top One – Disco No2

Having grew up in Poland, Justyna’s first tape that she owned was the Polish Disco Pop group Top One. Justyna described this album in 3 words as “Awesome and Embarrassing”.

Mr Blobby

Andrew: Mr Blobby – Mr Blobby

I’d like to thank my brother for giving me this as a Christmas present, and it’s because of him (and several thousand others) that this single actually got to number 1….not once, but TWICE! Long before Simon Cowell had his monopoly on Christmas number one, 1993’s Christmas number one belonged to this wonderful song.


We’d love to know what your first every cassette tape was that you owned! So leave us a comment below or tweet us @CTCreative_.

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Instagram overtakes Twitter

Instagram Overtakes Twitter!

Did you know that over 300 million people use Instagram each month? Just 9 months ago Instagram had 200 million users, and 284 million just 6 weeks ago. However, after being created in 2010, it has now officially overtaken Twitter in the amount of monthly users with over 300 million.

Instagram is an easy and effective platform for users to share inspiring moments and keep up-to-date with friends. You can simply take a picture or video and share it via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or many more services. It also provides users with a wide range of tools to help customize their content, such as using filters, and enables users to send a private message to others instead of publicly sharing posts. The most followed Instagram user is currently Taylor Swift with over 47m followers. Kim Kardashian is in a close second with over 46m followers.

Instagram was purchased by Facebook in 2012 for £628m, which in 2013 grew in popularity by 13%, while Facebook only grew by 3%. Instagram commented that they are “fast becoming a place to house the worlds visual history” and plans to continue growing in popularity.

Expensive Domain Names

The Most Expensive Website Domain Ever Sold

Did you know that it was back in March 1985 that the first internet domain name was registered? was the first domain name ever registered, and it’s still live today! Since then, millions of domain names have been registered, some more popular than others, such as, and

Domain names are essentially internet addresses. A unique set of letters and numbers that serve as an address for anyone wanting to visit/browse a website, and anyone has the ability to register a domain name.

Below is a list of the most expensive domain names ever sold:


  1. (£24 million in 2010)
  2. (£23.7 million in 2007)
  3. (£20.5 million n 2012)
  4. (£12.2 million in 2009)
  5. (£11.6 million in 2015)
  6. (£10.9 million in 2009)
  7. (£8.8 million in 2014)
  8. (£7.5 million in 2001)
  9. (£9.99 million in 2008)
  10. (£6.4 million in 2007)


If you wish to register your own domain name, you can do so by visiting a range of websites, we recommend 123 Reg or 1and1.

Websites at Risk

Recent Google Access Issues

Can Google see everything it needs to on your website? Google has recently made a big statement about this issue by sending a very important email out to website owners.


Google systems have recently detected an issue with your homepage that affects how well our algorithms render and index your content. Specifically, Googlebot cannot access your JavaScript and/or CSS files because of restrictions in your robots.txt file. These files help Google understand that your website works properly, so blocking access to these assets can result in sub-optimal rankings.


If you have received this warning, then it means you have certain files on your website that Google has been blocked from seeing. The recent issue that has came about can be and should be resolved. If you contact your web designer they should be able to correct this and put you on the right track again.

If you would like to dive in the deep-end, then it is the robots file that is most likely at fault. You will see some lines that are disallowing certain paths/files on your website, if you carefully remove these then your website should be fixed, however a professional web designer will be able to confirm this in each individual case, and would be able to confirm you are not removing lines that should not be removed.

If you have any questions or would like us to look into your website, please call our studio number on 01455 698 033 or use our online contact form.

How to take pictures for your website

How To Take Pictures For Your Website

If you are a small or medium sized business owner there is a great chance that you have to take photographs of your products/ services’ end results by yourself. We get a lot of photographs from our clients that could work so much better on their websites if they’ve kept in mind only a few simple rules. So to make it easier for you we’ve created a little tutorial that may help next time you will be taking photos for your site. You don’t need to own expensive equipment and you’ve most likely got everything you need to take decent pictures that will represent your business well.


Most of the mobile phone cameras these days have got an in-built camera that is more than enough to take good quality pictures. Now depending on what the pictures will be for there are two approaches that you could use for achieving the best results size wise.   Approach One: If you will be uploading images yourself to your website and they will be appearing somewhere within the text on your site or in an image gallery that doesn’t display full screen/very large images, there’s no need to set your camera to the highest possible quality. In fact, quite the opposite. I don’t mean set it to the lowest one but try keeping them on the smaller side because they will take less space on your server and therefore load quicker onto your site. Something like 1280x960px should work well for majority of the things. Make sure that before you upload them you resize them to the right size because that’s the ideal situation. If you’re taking pictures that will be displayed in full screen sliders or anything that will use most of the screen space you probably should go bigger than the above. Something around 2048 by 1536px (or somewhere around this size, depending on your camera) should be just fine. You could also optimise your images before uploading them for the best loading speeds.   Approach Two: If you don’t understand the previous paragraph don’t worry. Most of the time your designer will be more that happy to help with your website and all image related issues. So to make their job easier try to take pictures big enough to suit high size purposes and if they’ll need smaller pictures- they’ll resize them and optimise them themselves. Set your camera to something around 6 mega pixels. Follow other tips from this tutorial and you’ll be fine.


Probably the most crucial element of a photograph that can easily ruin a nicely composed image with a great subject. Try to avoid flash- it makes pictures flat and dull. Instead try to find a good source of a natural light like window/door or even office lights.

Lighting withe the use of flash and natural light

In essence if you can see something clearly and the light level is decent it will be reflected in the picture taken by the automatic camera. Just make sure that:

  • the main source of light is not behind the subject- don’t take pictures with windows, lamps etc in the background
  • if taking pictures of people, make them turn their faces

towards the light source

  • make sure you’re not standing in the way of a light source because you’re shadow will be caught
  • try to avoid big, strong shadows on the background- play will the angle from which you take the picture etc

Facing light source and away

If you are taking pictures of buildings or anything outside it always helps when the day is nice but even on a dull day you can take good quality images (sometimes with a little bit of help from image enhancing on your

mobile editor- don’t get carried away though). Again just make sure you’re not taking pictures against the sun or other sources of light (and mind them shadows).

Light source behind the subject

Light source behind the subject


Make sure that camera focuses on the right thing otherwise a great picture may be ruined. You can always preview a taken picture, zoom in a little bit to see if the subject is in focus and not the background. Get closer to the photographed object. The optical zoom in mobile cameras for instance is limited because of their size. Instead they use digital zoom, which to you means lower quality images that are often out of focus as they demand a very still hand.

Digital zoom lowers quality

Digital zoom lowers the quality of the image and makes it ‘grainy’


To achieve the best result, if possible, find a nice background. A light wall will do for portraits or some product photos. A patterned wall could be nice to. Try to avoid too busy, distracting backgrounds. Use your common sense. You should avoid unnecessary objects getting into the frames, cutting off limbs or any objects in strange places or half way through. Develop a good habit of getting to the level of the photographed person/object otherwise perspective may not work in their favour. Don’t use strange angles- it’s really difficult to make them work so the safest option is to avoid them.

Avoid distracting elements in the frame

Avoid unnatural angles

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How to Increase Enquiries from your website

So you’ve got your brand new, sparkling website that’s mobile friendly, Search Engine Optimised and you are about to hire new members of staff because you can’t cope on your own with the amount of the enquiries that you’re getting. Doesn’t sound like you? Let’s go through a short list of things that every business owner needs to remember in order to increase the number of enquiries that they’re getting from their website and then the vision from above may get closer to the reality.

1.Have you got a recently designed website?

The web design industry is a very fast paced environment. Not only do trends change often but also best practices in development. Because of that you need your web developers to keep on top of things otherwise you may get penalised by search engines and find yourself really far from the first page of Google’s results. We know more and more about how people browse the web so equally it gets more challenging to design a great-functioning website that converts visits into sales, is pleasing to the eye and works across different platforms. Is your website mobile friendly? Did you know that according to Google in 10 countries mobile search now exceeds desktop search? That means that if your website was designed before the mobile trend kicked in, it’s likely you are already falling behind your competitors as your potential customers are probably leaving your website due to difficulties using it on mobile devices. The key to the online success is to achieve a balance between a well designed website and quality traffic.

2.Is your website optimised properly?

The days when it was enough to put a few keywords into the code are long gone and forgotten. Google updates its algorithms frequently to increase the level of relevance of the websites and quality of user experience. This means that websites designed by your techy mate or a daughter-of-a-friend-of-the-cousin (don’t get me wrong I’ve got nothing against them) may not be performing well simply because it takes months to learn how to optimise a website and often a whole team of people with experience. SEO along with having a mobile friendly website may be the most important element for all the websites nowadays. Read more about SEO and how to optimised your website here.

3.Is your content relevant and planned strategically?

It all has to work together. Internal linking, landing pages for different marketing campaigns and Calls To Action need to create a flowing stream that is easy to navigate through and engaging. The audience is well informed these days and they can easily distinguish good web design from an off the shelve template. People want more personal experiences and things that are targeted at them, created especially for them. They also want to read things that are of some value to them so it’s a good idea to always make your social media posts, blogs and email campaigns interesting, relevant and coherent with your audience in mind.

4.Your website is like another member of your team.

I like this comparison a lot. It’s good to think about your website this way. There is a certain amount of work that needs to be spent on your website before it will bring you all the benefits (you can call it training) and often some amount of money (which you can call a wage). A website needs regular maintenance whether it’s updating blog posts or social media campaigns running alongside your website. You can also boost it’s performance by some paid tools like Facebook Ads, Pay Per Click, Email Marketing, etc. Like with everything in life, the more you put in the more you will get out of it. We are not talking here about quantity but quality and relevance. In one sentence for good conversion rates (including increasing your enquiries) you need a well designed, responsive website with good content, a relevant SEO strategy and other marketing endeavours to support it. Show it to the right audience and the magic will happen. infographic

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CT Inspirations

CT Web Design Inspirations

Welcome to the first of our monthly CT Inspirations where we will share with you websites that pushed our aesthetic buttons and gave us a different perspective when designing websites for our clients.

Justyna – Web Design Team:

‘This is my favourite of the month because it incorporates brilliantly good design with latest media trends AND it’s interactive. You’ve got video, you’ve got recipe ideas and cooking tips, interactive maps and good info- just everything that you need to stay engaged and wanting to explore the website.’

Screen shot 2015-06-26 at 11.08.34


Jonathan – Web Design Team:

This website is a perfect example of how interactive elements are able to provide a fascinating platform that improves the enjoyment of browsing a website. The site incorporates some impressive coding that provides an easy to use interface that enables users to enjoy scrolling down the page. Overall, the animations on this site are a great way to keep users interested.’

Screen shot 2015-06-25 at 17.29.24


Andrew – Web Design Team:

‘This site caught my eye this month with its very clean design and great interactivity. It is very engaging to the user with the ability to personalise their own headphones and see instantly the result of each change the user makes. It is straight to the point and a generally a really good design.’

Screen shot 2015-06-26 at 11.05.47


Paul – Director:

‘This website was a stand out for me because the full width video and images on the website show the product being used by the clients. Essentially selling itself by focusing on the client themselves instead of just hard selling the product.’

Screen shot 2015-06-26 at 16.29.01


Mobile Friendly Websites – A Short Guide To Getting More Traffic And Keeping People On Your Website

You have probably heard about mobile friendly (responsive) websites by now and hopefully your website is responsive, but if you’re not very familiar with it here’s a short guide to what it actually is and why everyone is constantly talking about it.

What is it?

A responsive website is what the name says, it’s a website that responds to the device it is being used on. For instance a website that is not responsive will be comfortable to use on a desktop (presuming it’s a well designed website that considers user experience) but if someone will want to browse it on their smart phone or tablet it will become very awkward. Things such as button sizes, text size, navigation that are designed for desktop only, shrink when viewed on other devices to fit to a smaller screen size. Users have to constantly zoom in, in order to navigate through the website, read it and click on the provided links.

According to Google, 87% of smart phone users search for local business information on their device and 76% of those searches result in a purchase or contact. Add to it the fact that 27% of users leave non-optimised websites (ExactTarget, 2014 Mobile Behavior Report) and you can see why it is so important to have an optimised website.


There are a lot of design solutions that are specific to mobile web design. For instance, having clickable phone numbers, meaning that instead of writing it down or typing it into their mobile, customers can simply click on it to call the company instantly. The size of fonts, images and all the buttons are increased to make it easy and functional for a smart phone.

Another positive of having a responsive or mobile friendly website is that it complies with the latest Google Algorithm released towards the end of April 2015. Websites that are not mobile friendly are being penalised on Google’s mobile searches. Every serious web design agency these days build responsive websites but sites that have been designed and built before this trend weren’t always built this way. Businesses who have dated websites will most likely appear below newer websites and therefore will not be seen by all the people searching the internet on smart phones and tablets. That obviously translates to less revenue from the business.

Getting more traffic

It appears to be a natural conclusion that if a business wants more traffic from mobile device users, they need a mobile website for two reasons. Firstly, if your website is not optimised for mobile search it won’t be found on Google and secondly is that even if by chance your site is found, there is a greater chance the user will leave the site because is not easy to use on a mobile device.


5 and a 1/2 Ways To Promote Your Business

It’s a tough, ongoing challenge to promote your business, particularly if you’re a small or medium sized business without a designated marketing team and a big budget. But this doesn’t mean you cannot do it efficiently and in a clever way. Here are our top 5 and a 1/2 tips for promoting your company without spending  a bag full of money. All you need is a bit of imagination and commitment.

If you’re a start-up, define your target audience and the places where you can reach them like Google, social websites, in person at local business events. Find something unique about your company and you’re ready.

1. Get a website if you haven’t got one

Online presence is crucial today. The dilemma is whether more people browse the web on their mobile devices or desktop, not paper or online. You can use cheap or even free online editors to put together a simple website but be mindful they are cheap for a reason. The trick is to make your business visible to potential customers not just let it drift like a little boat in the ocean on the 100th page of a search engine.

Yes SEO can get pricey and bespoke web design can come with a hefty price tag but it’s better in the long run and can give you a good return of investment by converting clicks into profit. It’s value for money and quality not quantity. After all who needs 10 duplicated, boring pages when you could get three with good content and adequate call to actions that will boost your conversion rates?

2. Set up social media profiles

You’ve probably heard about Facebook, Google plus, Twitter or LinkedIn. They gather enormous amounts of people who are your potential customers. A lot of businesses benefit from social networking and this powerful tool can really help you reach your audience. So think about them and ways you can engage with them. Create compelling content and update your statuses regularly to keep people interested and active. But again remember it’s quality not quantity.

According to the Twitter blog: ‘The majority of Twitter users (82%) watch video content on Twitter and most watch on a hand-held screen. A staggering 90% of Twitter video views happen on a mobile device…’. So remember to optimize for mobile devices.

Film a trip around your shop and upload it or have purposely made animation or video from one of the website like where you can get it done professionally from only $5!

To spice things up you can run a little competition on Facebook and offer some discounts or special offers.

A lot of big websites offer some sort of paid advertising or boosting for your posts which can also help you reach your target audience quicker if you want to kick start your social media impact.

3. Setup a blog and email newsletter

There’s no better way to show off your expertise than in an interesting blog. You can use it to showcase your skills, knowledge or case studies. You can get people to subscribe to your newsletter to keep them in touch with your latest blog entries, special offers or other interesting things that you wish to share with them. But be careful, a blog that hasn’t got regular entries may scare people off and give them the impression that it is neglected. The same goes for social websites.

Set yourself a goal of updating it once or twice a month, publish your blog articles on your social media and this way you’ll get the benefits.

4. Interact with other businesses

This is a great way to create a network that can mutually benefit yourself and other businesses alike. Speak to your suppliers & clients, they may know people who need your services and vice versa- you can return favours and keep things moving in your local area.

Hand out your business cards and ask other people to help you with handing them to potentially interested people. Don’t be shy to ask family and friends for help too and list yourself in local directories.

You can interact with other businesses on social media and help each other in this way too.

5. Check for Government help

Check if your local government runs any support programmes for small and medium sized businesses or start-ups. The European Union may also support local projects so it’s worth checking if there are any programmes you may be able to benefit from. You may find some useful info on the Europa website.

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