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CT Web Design Inspirations February 2016

Welcome back! These are our choices for February. If you’ve seen anything that has inspired you, share it with us in comments.

Justyna – Web Design Team:

‘This is the new way to travel and AirBnB brings it to you in a visually pleasing and intuitive way. You don’t have to spend time on looking for all the functionalities that you’d expect from this type of website instead you can spend it on looking through beautiful photographs and great site structure. Great user experience with no unnecessary distraction wins my vote this month.’ Visit Website

Air BnB

A great alternative to standard hotel trips and how nicely executed from the website point of wiev

Maria – Director:

‘Due to an outstanding design, fun, engagement that it creates and functionally, site I have chosen this month is Property Crowd’ Visit Website

Property Crowd

Memorable design and original idea

Jonathan – Web Design Team:

‘The key reason I handpicked this website as my inspiration this month is because of how contemporary it looks and feels. The full-width slider creates a striking impact and instantly sets the site apart from most business websites advertising their plumbing services. It also seems to take a much more relaxed approach in keeping their visitors engaged, by adding sections like the “Gimme Some Facts About Plumbing” on the homepage.’ Visit Website


This website speaks high end

Andrew – Web Design Team:

‘This website caught my eye this month because it takes you on a journey and keeps the user interested right until the very bottom of the page. It tells the story of the product it’s selling in such a creative way, and that’s why I’ve chosen it for this month.’ Visit Website


Fun and interactive way to explain your business idea

Paul – Director:

‘Easy Web Recruitment is my choice for this month. I like how bold it is and how the use of strong colours makes it vibrant and current.’ Visit Website

Vibrancy and boldness are two strong points of this site

CT Inspirations

CT Web Design Inspirations – January 2016

Welcome to 2016! These are our choices for January. We hope you’ll enjoy it. If you’ve seen anything that have inspired you, share it with us in comments.

Justyna – Web Design Team:

‘I really like the idea of the Virtual Tabletop. It is a great way to engage with the audience in an interactive way and make shopping for your tableware interesting. Although the rest of the website could follow visually for a better effect.’ Visit Website

This is interactive element at its best- not too much not too little, executed nicely.

This is an interactive element at its best- not too much not too little, executed nicely.

Maria – Director:

‘Dirty Fingers is bright, funky and I love the navigation buttons which look like fabric and make it easy to find your way around.’ Visit Website

Dirty Fingers

Fun and colourful website resembles the brand.

Jonathan – Web Design Team:

‘When I first found this website, I really enjoyed the use of new and contemporary functions/designs used throughout the website. The use of video really grabbed my attention straight away, and when you open the menu via the button on the top right of the screen it looked very engaging and made browsing the website very easy going.’ Visit Website

HLK Agency

The navigation on this website is fantastic and very different to most websites out there.

Andrew – Web Design Team:

‘I liked this website because it uses parallax scrolling really well with its great images and integrated videos. Scrolling down the page, it shows you more and more of the benefits of staying at one of their hotels. It’s very easy to navigate and to book a room also, which is the main purpose of this site.’ Visit Website

Shires Hotels

The website takes you on a very convincing and visually pleasing journey.

Paul – Director:

‘I like ILG UK’s purely for the personal interaction of the staff member videos into the site which gives it a real appealing and honest personality’ Visit Website


Making a website personal can make people relate better to the product.

CT Inspirations

CT Web Design Inspirations – October

Here’s what grabbed us this month in the web design world- our web design inspiration sites.

Justyna – Web Design Team:

‘I like the fact that the ‘motto’ on the front page is a bit daring and overall feel of the website. It is nice and modern, clean without any unnecesary noise, very easy to navigate through too- so all the good things that you could expect from a brand architecht and management firm. ‘ Visit Website


Simple portfolio pages are still very effective

Maria – Director:

‘I Think the company name is really good and I love the products. I do like the pictures on the site, but feel that they could improve the navigation!!! ‘ Visit Website


Less is not always more

Jonathan – Web Design Team:

‘I really admire how this website takes a very modern approach in providing a compelling interface for visitors to learn about their product and services. It is a very engaging design and the superb functionality helps entice visitors into viewing more content on the website.’ Visit Website


Some seriously impressive stuff

Andrew – Web Design Team:

‘Came across this website whilst looking for inspiration, and this website certainly did not fail to inspire me! Even though you have to wait through a loading screen, it’s definitely worth it for how good the css in this site is. Love the parallax scrolling as you go down the page, however it is a bit slow to react to scrolling your mouse. The design however, is fantastic. ‘ Visit Website

Le Mugs

This is how every restaurant’s website should look like!

Paul – Director:

‘This month my vote goes to the great content!’ Visit Website

Social Media Examiner

Sometimes really good content is enough

CT Inspirations

CT Web Design Inspirations August

Here’s what grabbed us this month in the web design world.

Justyna – Web Design Team:

‘I really like this website from Canadian based agency Locomotive. Not only does it tackle an important topic of STI’s but what a great way to deliver a campaign like that too! Concept is very simple- just have a look at what other girls carry in their bags and you can learn about how to stay safe. Nice design, interesting concept, good information what’s not to like about this website? ‘ Visit Website

Website Inspirations

What a way to tackle the campaign about STI’s

Jonathan – Web Design Team:

‘This is the website that stood out to me this month. I really like the bold colours used and how each colour blends together to create a stunning colour scheme. I also think the layout is very clean and simplistic, and effectively uses the full width of the browser to provide a streamline experience.’ Visit Website

Website Inspirations

Clean, simplistic layout and bold coulours give very modern feel

Paul – Director:

‘Colourful crisp concise and directly engaging to each sector of their target audience.’ Visit Website

Website Design Inspiration

Crisp, concise and directly engaging

CT Inspirations

CT Web Design Inspirations

Welcome to the first of our monthly CT Inspirations where we will share with you websites that pushed our aesthetic buttons and gave us a different perspective when designing websites for our clients.

Justyna – Web Design Team:

‘This is my favourite of the month because it incorporates brilliantly good design with latest media trends AND it’s interactive. You’ve got video, you’ve got recipe ideas and cooking tips, interactive maps and good info- just everything that you need to stay engaged and wanting to explore the website.’

Screen shot 2015-06-26 at 11.08.34


Jonathan – Web Design Team:

This website is a perfect example of how interactive elements are able to provide a fascinating platform that improves the enjoyment of browsing a website. The site incorporates some impressive coding that provides an easy to use interface that enables users to enjoy scrolling down the page. Overall, the animations on this site are a great way to keep users interested.’

Screen shot 2015-06-25 at 17.29.24


Andrew – Web Design Team:

‘This site caught my eye this month with its very clean design and great interactivity. It is very engaging to the user with the ability to personalise their own headphones and see instantly the result of each change the user makes. It is straight to the point and a generally a really good design.’

Screen shot 2015-06-26 at 11.05.47


Paul – Director:

‘This website was a stand out for me because the full width video and images on the website show the product being used by the clients. Essentially selling itself by focusing on the client themselves instead of just hard selling the product.’

Screen shot 2015-06-26 at 16.29.01