Black Friday

Black Friday

We all like a good sale don’t we? There are some well-established sales events such as Boxing day sales but what about the quite recent phenomenon of Black Friday?

The Genesis Of The Name

It originates from the United States, and although the term was appearing in different contexts since the nineteenth century, the new sale-related use started in the 1960′s. More recently police in New York and Philadelphia used the term to describe traffic disturbances during the day after the Thanksgiving. An alternative theory suggests it comes from a retail term that describes a point at which retailers begin to make a profit that is called ‘being in black’.

The Success Of The Event

One thing is for sure; Black Friday is one of the most successful sales events of the year.
The event itself is considered quite controversial because of the way it has been carried out by many retailers. That doesn’t stop the fever from spreading all over the world. Today countries that participate in the event include Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Romania, France, even India, and the list is steadily growing.
We believe that a good sale can attract a lot of business and push products into a public eye.


We would suggest that companies wishing to participate in Black Friday should prepare well in advance to avoid any mishaps or even the possible dangers of Black Friday.

If you’re expecting a lot of customers in your shop or showroom, make sure you’ve got enough staff on duty, and that health and safety are your top priorities.
If you’re an online retailer, make sure your website is ready for the traffic and that your system can process everything efficiently to provide a positive shopping experience for your customers. Think about a large number of people shopping on their mobile devices and the way your website accommodates for it.

Happy Black Friday!