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Hurry! Are You Missing Out On These Useful Business Tools?

Everyone likes a freebie! It’s even better when it’s also a useful online tool for your businesses. Here we present you with the list of the ones we thought were worth knowing about. We hope they’ll make your life easier.


Do you know how your website is performing? If you want to know whether it could improve, and if yes, then which areas, use our free online health check tool. It was created with the help of Google (yes that Google) so you’ll find it filled with things that help improve your Google search engine rankings.

Digital Health Check

Digital Health Check allows you to see how your website is really performing


Are your headlines as good as they could be? Here’s the tool that will analyse it for you and give you some tips on improving the number of clicks and openings of your email campaigns, articles etc by improving their headlines.

Headline Analyzer

See if better headlines could get you more conversions

3. 0 to 255

If you’re currently rebranding your company or working on new branding and need some help with colours this is a great simple tool. It will show you the best variations of your chosen colour, allowing you to concentrate on other parts of your rebranding.

0 to 255

Usefullcolour tool


And here’s the quiz that will help you to choose your brand’s colours if you are just starting your branding journey. And if not, it will at least entertain you.

Colour Quiz

Fun colour quiz that may or may not help you discover your brand colours


Everyone’s heard about hashtags but if you’re using Twitter for your business it may not always be so easy to find a good hashtag that will be relevant to your audience. This clever little website can help you with that. Simply put your main phrase into the search box and it will tell you about the most popular hashtags relating to it.


Finding the right hashtag was never easier


If you are social media savvy you have probably heard about Hootsuite, an online publishing tool for social media that helps you by keeping all your social media activity in one place. You can see what’s going on in all of your social profiles, reply to your posts and share them. You can even schedule your posts to be published later in the week. To make sharing even easier you can download a browser extension called ‘Hootlet’, which will allow you share things as you browse them.


Share to your Social Media as you browse


A great tool to keep your stuff organised- Dropbox. Make use of cloud storage and access all your files from any device whenever you need it, whether in a meeting with a client or when sharing something with your colleagues.


Access your files from al your devices


Google Apps is a great set of tools for businesses and individuals that will help you organise your professional life. Personalised email names, cloud storage, shared calendars and video hangouts are just the beginning of numerous Apps that Google offers to us for free. Check it out.

Google Apps

A whole basket of useful business apps


Google Analytics. This is another great tool from Google. You can use it to monitor your website traffic, find out what works for your business and learn about your audiences. There’s a steep learning curve at the beginning but there are a lot of articles and support on the variety of forums that will make it easier.

Google Analytics

Analyse the traffic coming to your website and learn about your audience


Boomerang and Rapportive – Gmail plugins. They help you stay on top of your game and organise your emails. Boomerang will help you set up reminders directly in Gmail so that you can reply to people when you need to and Rapportive will link social profiles to your contacts so that you can always remember who are you writing to.


Schedule emails to be sent later or set up reminders


This is what you need to organise yourself instead of your notepad that you always forget. You can download the app and install it on different devices to access your notes on them. Create lists, notes, write down ideas, plans or inspirations. The possibilities are endless.


Digital sticky note system available on all your devices


Another great organising tool where you can create boards, to do lists etc and share it with people. It is a great way to organise and plan your workflow, and create tasks for your team members (or get them from your boss!).


Organise your workflow easily


If you’re tired of constantly requesting your password to be changed because you keep forgetting all the different passwords from all the apps that you use, then this definitely is the tool for you. It creates and encrypts passwords that can only be used on devices you’ve approved.


Password manager

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