Apple’s conference roundup

With all the focus around the recently announced iPhone 6 and 6 plus, and the anticipated yet not initially confirmed new iPads that were expected to be unveiled yesterday, you would be forgiven for forgetting about the rest of Apple’s long established product line. After all, Apple have a growing list of products that have yet to see a new model release since 2012. Since Apple leaked the announcement of the iPad Air 2and iPad mini 3 before the show via their iTunes platform (was this an intentional strategy to take the edge away from the also recently announced Google Nexus 6 and 9?) we already knew that the inevitable upgrades were on track.

Sporting a finger print lock and gold bevel and backing, the iPad mini 3 follows closely to the internals found in the previous iteration. The iPad Air 2 however, saw a bit more love this time. We have a thinner and slightly lighter profile. We also saw new internal hardware in the form of an updated A8x chip as found in the A8 iPhone 6’s, along with other various enhancements. Decent if predictable announcements, but great news for those wanting to make use of the price reduction on the last-generation hardware.

Now on to the guess work. The Mac product range has been due a little lift in spec, and many expected a new model in the mini and iMac range to be announced. Those expectations were met. Both house newly updated innards and bring the spec up to recent advancements. In addition, the new iMac catches up with its sister devices and introduces a retina screen sitting at an impressive 5k. We can expect a crystal clear and sharp display, at the trade off of a minor performance strain to power a resolution that large – thankfully this is where the new hardware will come into play.  With early adopters in the tech scene already slowly transitioning to 4k screens triggered from their falling prices, Apple look to be a head of the game by adding another thousand pixels per its real estate. Whilst it sounds impressive on paper, 5k does seem a little excessive. The absolute majority of people wont notice the difference between 4k and 5k on a sub 30” display. Sounds familiar to the ongoing argument of opinion on 1080p and higher density screens on a mobile phones.  I’ll leave that one up to you, but the retina version will cost you a fair dollar more before. That said, I bet our websites look great with all that pixel density!

One device that didn’t get a look in however, was Apple’s TV line. Another product nearing the age of 2 since its most recent release, we were expecting to see some form of revision to compete with fresh competition notably from Google with their Nexus player and Amazon with the Fire TV box. There is definitely a market emerging , currently polarised by the popularity of smart TV’s, streaming sticks such as the Roku and Chromecast and connected games consoles. A universal hub, or a go to place that takes the best of all of these devices such as gaming, films, music and social is essentially what the Apple TV was conceived to be. Thus with momentum building, it has been a little disappointing that we haven’t heard news of a new generation of Apple TV, or even new software or peripherals to again establish Apple as a strong choice in the living room. I wouldn’t be surprised to see another event in the New Year focusing on media devices such as this and the Apple TV device. After all, there’s nothing that gets people talking more than an Apple event (prime example here).

So another mostly predicted event complete, and a fresh product line for Apple going into the holiday period. A few disappointments like the lack of new Apple TV or iPod Touch, but mostly positive announcements all the same. Whats great about all of these products is that they are all socially connected. Its makes you think, it’s a good job my website works responsively on all of these devices. Right?