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9 Stupidly Common Sense but often IGNORED tips for Business Blog Posts

Blogs are one of those ‘must do’ business marketing activities, right? But did you know you could be losing customers because of your blog?

Keeping your business blog up-to-date is an integral part of any business website. It helps establish and develop a relationship between you and your customers by informing readers of recent updates to your service, company, offers and industry. But if you’re not careful, your blog might be hindering your business rather than promoting it like it was originally intended to do. However, to help assist with the success of your business blog, we have created 9 powerful tips to help transform your business blog.

1) Keep It Relevant!

Never forget the key objective for all blog posts is to attract and engage new and existing readers. Writing blogs often becomes the routine of the ‘need to produce’ rather than the ‘purpose’ of what should be written, over time the true marketing goal sometimes get overlooked and forgotten when publishing articles. You need to always step back to make sure you are writing articles readers are actually going to want to read. If you’re a bit stumped on ideas, tutorials are a very popular format that can attract readers and also build authority in your industry for your business.

2) Get To Know Your Readers

Whether you’re a mechanic or lawyer, you should already be aware of how your customers speak. This is likely to be how your readers speak as well! Whether it’s certain words your customers use or questions you’re often asked, you can use your past experiences to enhance your article and attract readers by using your audience’s language.

3) Tell Stories & Utilise Real World Examples

Writing an article for your website that readers relate to can be very effective. It helps engage audiences and helps make your business more approachable. Take advantage of your past experiences and previous customer journeys as these are likely to be the exact customers you’re looking for!

4) Are Your Readers Hooked?

Did you know you can convince readers to stay on your website after reading your article? If you provide links to other articles/pages on your website, you may find readers continue to browse your website. For example, if a plumber in Northampton has written an article on common boiler problems, they can add a link directing their readers to their Northampton boiler servicing page.

5) Keep It Pretty!

Make sure to add various images in your article to keep your readers interested. Your article shouldn’t be all text based. Remember when you were a child (or even as an adult), it was much more fun and interesting to read a book that included pictures and drawings!

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6) Keywords Are Powerful

Another powerful tip is to include popular words and phrases that potential readers are searching for in Search Engines. This is similar to Tip 2 as it will help keep your article relevant and increase the likelihood of your articles appearing in front of users in Search Engines, such as Google. You can also use area names, such as your local town, to attract readers local to that area. But don’t go crazy! Only mention keywords a couple of times otherwise it could be considered spammy and repetitious.

7) Share, Share, Share!

After you have published an article on your website, take advantage of the popularity of social media by sharing the link via social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This promotional method is a very effective way of spreading your article to readers.

8) Quality! Not Quantity

How often should I write an article? As in many cases, quality is usually more important than quantity. If you can only publish a single article a month, but this is a very well written and purposeful article, then this is absolutely brilliant! It’s important not to rush publishing multiple articles each week for the sake of publishing articles. They would most likely not be of any interest or use to anyone, and wouldn’t be beneficial to your business either. Overall, the more “quality” articles the merrier (just as long as they are quality articles!).

9) Comments Do The Trick!

By implementing a comment section into your blog you can instantly improve the interaction for your readers and provide a great tool for them to engage in discussion with you and other like-minded readers.

Did you find these tips useful? Do you have any helpful tips of your own? Share your thoughts below or send us a message via our online contact form. (did you notice we used both tip 4 and 9 in this one sentence?)