5 and a 1/2 Ways To Promote Your Business

It’s a tough, ongoing challenge to promote your business, particularly if you’re a small or medium sized business without a designated marketing team and a big budget. But this doesn’t mean you cannot do it efficiently and in a clever way. Here are our top 5 and a 1/2 tips for promoting your company without spending  a bag full of money. All you need is a bit of imagination and commitment.

If you’re a start-up, define your target audience and the places where you can reach them like Google, social websites, in person at local business events. Find something unique about your company and you’re ready.

1. Get a website if you haven’t got one

Online presence is crucial today. The dilemma is whether more people browse the web on their mobile devices or desktop, not paper or online. You can use cheap or even free online editors to put together a simple website but be mindful they are cheap for a reason. The trick is to make your business visible to potential customers not just let it drift like a little boat in the ocean on the 100th page of a search engine.

Yes SEO can get pricey and bespoke web design can come with a hefty price tag but it’s better in the long run and can give you a good return of investment by converting clicks into profit. It’s value for money and quality not quantity. After all who needs 10 duplicated, boring pages when you could get three with good content and adequate call to actions that will boost your conversion rates?

2. Set up social media profiles

You’ve probably heard about Facebook, Google plus, Twitter or LinkedIn. They gather enormous amounts of people who are your potential customers. A lot of businesses benefit from social networking and this powerful tool can really help you reach your audience. So think about them and ways you can engage with them. Create compelling content and update your statuses regularly to keep people interested and active. But again remember it’s quality not quantity.

According to the Twitter blog: ‘The majority of Twitter users (82%) watch video content on Twitter and most watch on a hand-held screen. A staggering 90% of Twitter video views happen on a mobile device…’. So remember to optimize for mobile devices.

Film a trip around your shop and upload it or have purposely made animation or video from one of the website like Fiverr.com where you can get it done professionally from only $5!

To spice things up you can run a little competition on Facebook and offer some discounts or special offers.

A lot of big websites offer some sort of paid advertising or boosting for your posts which can also help you reach your target audience quicker if you want to kick start your social media impact.

3. Setup a blog and email newsletter

There’s no better way to show off your expertise than in an interesting blog. You can use it to showcase your skills, knowledge or case studies. You can get people to subscribe to your newsletter to keep them in touch with your latest blog entries, special offers or other interesting things that you wish to share with them. But be careful, a blog that hasn’t got regular entries may scare people off and give them the impression that it is neglected. The same goes for social websites.

Set yourself a goal of updating it once or twice a month, publish your blog articles on your social media and this way you’ll get the benefits.

4. Interact with other businesses

This is a great way to create a network that can mutually benefit yourself and other businesses alike. Speak to your suppliers & clients, they may know people who need your services and vice versa- you can return favours and keep things moving in your local area.

Hand out your business cards and ask other people to help you with handing them to potentially interested people. Don’t be shy to ask family and friends for help too and list yourself in local directories.

You can interact with other businesses on social media and help each other in this way too.

5. Check for Government help

Check if your local government runs any support programmes for small and medium sized businesses or start-ups. The European Union may also support local projects so it’s worth checking if there are any programmes you may be able to benefit from. You may find some useful info on the Europa website.

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